H5P Modules

Each of these links lead to a module that uses one or more H5P applets.

Tutela Modules

At Home In Our Community

CLB 1L Meeting People: 6B Introduction

CLB 2/3 Listening to Olga’s Story

CLB 3/4 Ilham Uses the Internet

CLB 3/4 Volunteering at the YMCA

CLB 3/4 Invite a Friend to an Event

CLB 3/4 Gratitude

CLB 5/6/7 Making Small Talk In Social Contexts

Business, Commercial and Consumer Services

CLB 3/4 Asking About Banking Services

CLB 3/4 Banking Services Questions

CLB 3/4 Making Returns

CLB 3/4/5 Choosing a Credit Card

CLB 3/4 Grocery Shopping

Canadian Geography, History, Politics and Economy

CLB 1/2 Describe Locations of Place

CLB 3/4 Phyllis Webstad’s Orange Shirt Day Story

CLB 5/6 Canada’s Parliament

Canadian Law

CLB 1/2 A Traffic Stop

CLB 3/4 Rights and Responsibilities of Canadian Citizenship

CLB 5/6 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

CLB 5/6 Employment Standards Act


CLB 3/4 Parent Conferences and Meet the Teacher Events

CLB 3/4 Parents Teacher Interviews

CLB 3/4 Learning Strategies


CLB 3 Employment Goals

CLB 5/6 Employment Networking – Building a Network

CLB 5/6 Employment Networking – Introduction to Informational Interviews

CLB 5/6 Employment Networking – Participating In Informational Interviews

CLB 5/6/7 Writing A Cover Letter

Health & Safety

CLB 1/2 At the Doctor’s Office

CLB 1/2 Illness Vocabulary

CLB 1/2 Smoke Detectors

CLB 3/4 Make an appointment at a clinic

CLB 3/4 Talk to a doctor

CLB 3/4 Follow Doctor’s Instructions