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Welcome to EMCN LINC Teaching Resources Site

Still under construction.

This is a one-stop resources site for LINC and all Language Services Classes. It is a site where teachers can get current information, resources and PD ideas. As we are thinking of consolidating Language Services, we are also thinking of consolidating our resources to pave way for easy access to all our resources scattered all over our desktops and cabinets.

This site will have lots of links to great resources online, including great educational blogs and OneDrive documents. If you have resources you have found useful and willing to share, you can upload them to ‘Teaching Resources” folder in OneDrive and they will be linked to your shift webpage. If you have links to other resources for your level and you are willing to share them, upload them as well, and they will be included in your CLB level web page. It’s very easy to link OneDrive resources to this website. So, if there are resources you will want linked, let us know and they would be linked. To gain access to Teaching resources on OneDrive, click here.

Consider this to be our project and all suggestions to make it a world-class resource site is welcomed.

Happy browsing!